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The Benefits of Website Promotion Directory

Date Added: February 26, 2009 11:04:50 AM
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Search engines follow several factors for determining a websites rank on the internet. A major factor is links that lead to the site. The “page rank” given to a website is created from the number of back links it has. If you have thousands and thousands of back links, your page rank will likely be very high. It is very important to have a high page rank, especially for those looking to create a profit from their website. If you have many links to your website, your page rank will be higher, correct? Thus, it is more likely that people will visit your website. For example, when someone does a Google search, they usually visit one of the websites on the first search page. If your website appears on the 5th page, you are very unlikely to get visitors to your website (at least from Google, which we all know is the most used search engine around). The search engine basically send out what are called “spiders” to go to the pages found through directory submissions. When these “spiders” visit your site, your site is automatically added into the search engine indexes. It is also important to have relevant keywords on your web page, because the spiders do also analyze your content and keywords.

Now, many may be wondering, “how do I submit to Websites Promotion directory?” It is quite simple. You will first need to go to our homepage which is, and then click on “submit listing” on the top of our homepage. You then give details such as your website link, a brief description of your website and choose the type of listing you require such as regular with reciprocal link or a regular yearly, regular permanent, featured yearly or featured permanent. Our directory has a sustainable marketing program so we do our best to increase our own rankings in the search engines which leads to more traffic to the directory which is of benefit to anyone who is listed with us. Once your website is accepted you will receive a confirmation email and you will have gained a quality back link to your website. There you have it, your website now has just that much more potential for earning, and given time and as part of a good website promotion strategy will appear higher in search engines (no, you will not go from 100th to 1st, but nonetheless, it will help you)!

Lastly submitting your website to as part of your web promotion strategy will bring you three types of traffic. The first is the traffic coming from your website being indexed by the “spiders” who will find your website through our directory and decide to go and investigate it. Every time they come to index your website, you are getting traffic. Secondly, there is click-through traffic. This means that any visitor to the directory page will see your website, and possibly visit, once again bringing you traffic. Finally, submitting your website to and other directories, as mentioned before, will as part of a good website promotion strategy increase your rank in the search engines, which is bound to bring you more traffic.

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