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Simple and effective tips for search engine optimization

Date Added: February 19, 2009 11:42:12 PM
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Search engine optimization is the process by which a website is altered in such a way so that it can perform well in the unprocessed, and crawler based listings of popular search engines.

More simply we can define it as a process by which we alter a website to increase its ranking in search engines listing when a user searches for a word or a phrase which is related to your website or your business. As there are many websites that contain information about the same topic or provide the same type of service such as selling clothing, the rank of a website can vary accordingly. For instance, it can be ranked very high and appear in the first page of search engine results or rank low and appear at the very end of the results. In order for a website to obtain the most views from website users, it is better for the ranking to be on the first page of the search results as many people tend to only view the first page. Hence, the need for Search Engine Optimization.

There are many benefits of search engine optimization technique. There are two things for a website, one thing is to have a web site, and the other is that it works for specific purpose for which it was developed. The top listed benefit is having a web site that works.

SEO efforts can significantly enhance more traffic to your website, hence increases your business.

Here are five tips which are simple and effectual. They assist you in your search engine optimization efforts.

Ø  Title tag:  the title tag is the first thing which is used by search engines to sneak your website. So use relevant, and keyword rich words and phrases in your title tag.

Ø  Frames and flash introductions: it is much difficult for search engines to read and interpret frames and flash introductions. Flash introductions are considered as irrelevant, and irritating. So do not use them.

Ø  Keywords: do study about keywords which are mostly used by web searchers to search a specific thing, and include those keywords which are related to your product.

Ø  Incoming links: Good numbers of incoming links increase the popularity of a website. If all other attributes are same then a website having more number of incoming links, more it is imperative. Number of incoming links increases the rank of a web site.

Ø  Images: As it is difficult for search engines to understand frames and flash, so is with images. However alt tags are easy to understand. So attach alt tags with images and not the text.

The above are just five tips from hundreds of SEO tips to increase the rank with in the search engines. Don’t neglect SEO efforts while developing a web site. Only SEO makes the difference between a website and a web site that works.

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